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Israel Barlow Home - Circa 1894

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If you are an Israel Barlow descendent or a descendent's spouse and have not registered, we would appreciate it if you would register. For more details about membership select "Membership" on the menu above. Some of the information on this site is available only to Members. Family members that support this site help to perpetuate the memory of Israel Barlow and his wives.

About Our Site

  • - This website is provided and maintained by IBFA (The Israel Barlow Family Association) with a primary purpose of locating and registering descendents of Israel Barlow (1806).
  • - Although not directly involved in research of Ancestors the website contains information that can be used to make contact with other descendents. Such contact can be useful in personal Genealogical Research
  • - Information available includes descendent charts for all sixteen of the children of Israel and his four wives. and a searchable registry of Israel's descendents that have registered on the site.
  • - The registry is only available to those descendents that have joined IBFA and are current with their dues.
  • - Memorabilia pertaining to Israel Barlow and his family is also offered for sale on the site.

IBFA provides this website to...

  • - Provide a place for Israel's descendents to be recorded in a registry.
  • - Facilitate descendents communicating with other descendents through the website.
  • - Make IBFA an organizational resource that can provide online support of family activities.
About the Association

The Israel Barlow Family Association (IBFA) was organized at a meeting held in the Bountiful Third Ward on April 8, 1954. The stated object of the organization was to "perpetuate the memory and genealogy of the descendants and ancestors of Israel Barlow and his wives.." Israel Barlow himself had done considerable temple work, and this spirit of temple and genealogical work has been continued throughout the years by his descendant's.

On March 16, 1967 the Israel Barlow Family Association was incorporated in the State of Utah as a non-profit corporation. On May 31, 1968 it was ruled exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c) (3) of the Federal Internal Revenue Code. Donors may deduct contributions to the association as provided by section 170 of the Code.

Association Organization:

The Association functions under the direction of a president and board of directors who provide needed direction and accountability.

The Israel Barlow Family
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The Israel Barlow Home - Circa 1894

By Al Rounds

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The Israel Barlow Story and Mormon Mores - $59.00 (Free Shipping)

Authored and Published by Ora H. Barlow

Israel Barlow was the first Mormon to contact Dr. Isaac Galland in the purchase of property at Commerce, Illinois (later to become the city of Nauvoo) sometime in November - December 1838. Just one of many little known facts published in this 736 page volume detailing the history of Israel Barlow and his family. This historical archive contains not just his amazing life story, but also contains genealogy, documents and images of historical importance to the Barlow family. A must for any descendent of Israel Barlow, or student of Mormon history.

Ancestral Family Histories CD - $20.00

This CD contains over 700 typewritten histories of Barlow Ancestors that were recorded on group sheets in IBFA�files. Each history was scanned and saved as a separate file. Histories without pictures were saved in RTF file format and can be edited with almost any word processor. Histories with pictures were saved in PDF format and can be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader version 5 or higher.

Statue - $250.00

Replica of the statue standing in Nauvoo that was dedicated September 13, 2006. DVD below is a record of the dedication. Statue stands about 18" tall and is cast in bronze. Suitable for display in any setting. Will become a valuable heirloom.

Dedication DVD - $15.00

This DVD provides a complete record of the dedication of the Israel Barlow Memorial held in Nauvoo September 13,2006 on Israel Barlow's 200th birthday. Among the events of record are talks given by Brent Barlow, Susan Easton Black and Elder Earl C. Tingey. These talks contain a wealth of information concerning Israel not readily available elsewhere. Don't miss this opportunity to purchase this historical record.

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By joining the Israel Barlow Family Association you become an "ACTIVE" member of the Barlow extended family as opposed to a "SIDE-LINE" member. Also your membership will ensure that you and your family are numbered among Israel's descendents as recorded by IBFA.

You may join as a Paid Member or as an Unpaid Member. The difference between Paid and Unpaid membership is what site resources you can access. See table below. Paid annual memberships are just $25.00 per family. Each adult with their spouse, and minor children, if they have them, constitutes a "family". Unpaid Members can request a one time courtesy copy of their tribe master file for editing and data submission purposes.

If you choose to join as a Paid Member you may pay by check or through PayPal. If you choose to pay using PayPal, the transaction will be verified and an email receipt issued. If you choose to pay by check you will have a 30 day grace period to send in payment, during which time you will have Paid Member access. If payment is not received within the 30 day grace period access privileges will be rescinded.

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